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Off-Campus Access/VPN

About Off-Campus Access to E-Resources

Off-campus access to most library databases and e-journals is available only to current LSU Health Shreveport students, faculty, and staff. Many of the Health Sciences Library and other institutional electronic resources are governed by license agreements with vendors.

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the method for accessing resources remotely.

The ITG department has implemented a new Virtual Private Network (VPN) to replace the old F5 VPN.

To access the new GlobalProtect VPN, please browse and login with your LSUHSC username and password. Please note that this URL is not accessible while currently connected to the campus network (on-campus or VPN).

The new GlobalProtect VPN provides three types of access.

1.    The Portal Page: a landing page that will provide access to frequently used resources such as the LSUHS Inside site. Additional services will be added over time. This access requires no software installation and can be accessed from any device.

2.    The Application URL: at the top of the portal page, you will see "Application URL". This will allow you to browse LSUHS websites that are not published externally and only accessible from the internal network.

3.    The GlobalProtect Agent: a software application that is installed on your computer and creates a persistent connection to the LSUHS network. This is the preferred connection and the method that will allow you to access all network resources such as network file shares, servers, and your desktop PC.

Additional information and instructions for installing the software application can be found on the LSUHS Inside site.

Additional information about the VPN

•    The VPN service creates a secure connection between your computer and the LSU Health Shreveport network.

•    While connected to the VPN, you will have access to the university's computing resources as if you were on campus. This includes access to many resources licensed by the Library, such as online journals, books, and databases as well as some institutional systems related to patient care.

•    The VPN may only be used on a university-owned or personal computer belonging to current LSU Health Shreveport Affiliates.

•    When connecting a non-LSUHS device to the LSUHS network you are bound by and agree to continue to abide by LSUHS policies and restrictions as though you were seated at your LSUHS issued device or physically connected to the campus network. This includes being bound by your HIPAA agreements and prohibitions against copying, sharing, or exposing confidential information.