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Limited Library Reopening on Friday, May 1 for Third Year Medical Students Only

Starting May 1, with permission from the administration, the library is opening Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., for third year medical students only. This is to provide space for social distancing for these students. Please observe the following restrictions from administration:

  • Very few library staff will be on-site, and the library is not staffed to provide in-person services to other students, faculty and staff at this time.
  • In-depth library technology support will not be available in person.
  • Library staff will be wearing masks. 
  • Third year students must follow all protocols from medical school administration.
  • Study rooms will not be checked out because many are not large enough to maintain the six-foot distance requirement. 

Other library staff continue to work at home per governor orders, and respond to emails at Library staff appreciate your patience and help as they work to help third year medical students complete their curriculum requirements.