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Artwork by Frances O’Callaghan and Arts in Medicine this Spring

Frances O’Callaghan, talented and respected local artist, generously drew sketches of 9 paintings completed by the patients in the Arts in Medicine (AIM) program at art3Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. The health sciences library is pleased to partner with Arts in Medicine to display 7 of those paintings this spring. The following paintings will be on display on the first floor of the library:

·        Variation: The Bath, 2011

·        Variation: Cowboy Watering His Horse, 2011

·        Twins, 2012

·        Variation: Chicken Holding Flowers, 2012

·        Variation: Anna Washington Derry, 2013

·        WWII Veterans, 2013

·        Azaleas, 2014

Copies of the other 2 paintings, from private collections, are displayed at the library front desk.

For more information about the Arts in Medicine program, or to volunteer, contact Julie Burton.

For biographical information about Frances O’Callaghan, see this link.

Please also view the library’s guide about Arts & Humanities in Medicine.