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PubMed has Changed!

PubMedIf you search PubMed, you have noticed major changes to its look and feel. People with a MyNCBI account will not have to recreate searches or accounts. They will eventually map to the new interface. Highlights include:

  • The results page now shows abstracts with your highlighted search terms
  • A “Cite” button on the right side of an individual record, to produce a correct citation in 4 popular styles
  • Being able to page through your results from the abstract screen, instead of having to return to the results list to click the next citation
  • More responsive design for mobile devices – more than 50% of PubMed searches are done on a mobile device 

Both the new PubMed and the old PubMed will be available throughout early 2020. Eventually, only the new interface will be available.

Questions? Contact the library at or 318-675-5445. The librarian for your department or program is happy to talk to you about enhancing your PubMed searches.