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Library Advisory Committee, 2021-2022

Member Name Department / Area On Committee Since
 Tim Gilmore, PhD, RRT, RRT-NPS,   RRT-ACCS, CPFT, AE-C (Chair*)   SAHP 2016 (2018)*
 Kathryn Hamilton, PhD (Vice-Chair*) Cellular Biology and Anatomy  2018 (2021*)
 Ana Maria Dragoi, MD, PhD   (Secretary*) Physiology  2021 (2021*)
 Adrian Abreo, MD Medicine / Nephrology  2015
 Varsha Alampalli, MD Anesthesiology  2021
 Kathryn Baldwin MS3 medical student  2021
 Elyse Cornett Bradley, PhD Anesthesiology  2021
 Avery Callahan, DO Emergency Medicine  2017
 Amber Edinoff, MD House Officer (Psychiatry)  2021
 Ashley Flowers, MD   Pathology  2018
 Juliana Fort, MD, MPH, MBA Psychiatry  2021
 Sudha Pandit, MD Medicine / Gastroenterology  2021
 James Morris, MD, FACG, FACP,   AGAF Medicine / Gastroenterology  2011
 Linda Rubio-Rubio   Graduate Student (Biochem)  2018
 Robert Schilke   Graduate Student (Microbio)  2018
 Adrian Sequeira, MD, FACP, FASN,   FASDIN   Medicine / Nephrology  2017
 Alexa Tafar MS3 medical student  2021
 Xiuping Yu, PhD   Biochemistry  2015
 Will Olmstadt Library Director (ex-officio)  2017