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This Month in Our History

This Month in our History

November 11, 1963

Medical School Study Committee Formed

An announcement was made at the November 11, 1963 Shreveport Medical Society Board of Directors Meeting that “The Study Committee for the Development of a Medical School in Shreveport” had been established. This committee was chaired by Dr. Joe E. Holoubek with the following members: Dr. Bert Trichel, Dr. James Eddy, Dr. Ralph Riggs, Dr. Carson Reed, Dr. E.E. Dilworth, Dr. Charles Knight, Dr. Charles Black, Dr. Herbert Tucker, Dr. W.H. Carroll, Dr. Clarence Webb, Dr. W.R. Mathews, and Mr. Sam Weiner, architect.

November 30, 1977

Adrian F. Reed Day

Dr. Adrian Reed was the founding Head of the Department of Anatomy at the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport and retired in 1977. In honor of his decade-long service to the institution, a banquet and reception were held at the Shreveport Country Club on November 30, 1977. In his after-dinner comments, Emeritus Dean, Edgar Hull, gave heartfelt thanks to Dr. Reed and his wife, Mary, for all of their contributions.

November 3, 2000

John C. McDonald, M.D. Named LSUHSC-S Chancellor and Dean

Dr. John C. McDonald made history on November 3, 2000, with his appointment as the first Chancellor of the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. For the first time, the Shreveport school and hospital would have its own leadership and budget, separate from the New Orleans Health Sciences Center. McDonald was also appointed as Dean of the School of Medicine in Shreveport.