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This Month in Our History

This Month in our History
To learn about other interesting events that occurred this month, visit the Medical Library and see the entire exhibit located by the elevators on the first floor.

March 2, 1876

Louisiana Legislative Act to Establish Shreveport Charity Hospital

Act 40 of the Louisiana Legislature, signed by Governor William P. Kellogg, was passed to establish a charity hospital in Shreveport. This hospital would be maintained at the expense of the State “for the reception and medical and surgical treatment of indigent and destitute sick and wounded persons, without distinction of race and color, said hospital to be known and designated as the ‘Shreveport Charity Hospital.’”

The Shreveport Charity Hospital was located at the site of a former private school at the corner of Pierre Avenue and Ford Street. The ill-equipped hospital could accommodate only 25 patients. The first staff consisted of three professionals: Dr. Thomas G. Ford, chief surgeon; Dr. W.K. Sutherlin, intern; and Dr. W.M. Turner, superintendent. The Shreveport Charity Hospital remained at this location until 1889.

March 27, 1926

Fire Destroys Hospital Wing

At 10:45 p.m. on the rainy night of March 27, 1926, a fire started when a patient carelessly discarded his cigarette in the bathroom. The fire quickly spread to the wards above and was discovered by a nurse, Blanche Seward, who sounded the alarm. All 220 patients were safely evacuated thanks to hospital staff and the Shreveport Fire Department. Damages to the structure were estimated at $50,000.

March 25, 2004

Schools of Allied Health Professions and Graduate Studies Gain Independence from New Orleans

On March 25, 2004, the Louisiana Board of Regents officially transferred administrative control of the Schools of Allied Health Professions and Graduate Studies from New Orleans to the Shreveport campus. Prior to this decision, the School of Allied Health Professions and Graduate Studies were administered by associate deans in Shreveport who reported to deans at the LSUHSC in New Orleans. The School of Graduate Studies awarded M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in five biomedical sciences with 90 students enrolled. The School of Allied Health Professions awarded bachelor’s or master’s degrees in seven healthcare disciplines and had 182 students.