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Clinical Decision Making Tools

Clinical Decision Making Tools     

Search EBM Resources:

[A searchable collection of online books, including clinical and basic sciences]

ACP Journal Club
[Article summaries with value-added abstracts and comments by clinical experts]
Cochrane Library
[The gold standard for systematic reviews]
Clinical Key
[Database of journals and text books]
[An evidence-based, point-of-care clinical reference tool]
TRIP Database
[A tool for finding and using high-quality clinical research evidence]
[Answers clinical questions at the point of care]

Search PubMed:

[The premier biomedical database]



PubMed using Clinical Queries
[A feature of PubMed that offers a user-friendly approach to evidence-based searching in PubMed]

Category Scope
  Etiology   Narrow search
  Diagnosis   Broad search

PubMed for Systematic Reviews
[The part of PubMed Clinical Queries that displays citations for systematic reviews]

Search PubMed using PICO
[A mobile version of PubMed that allows the user to search using the PICO (patient, intervention, comparison, and outcome) format, along with the “PubMed for Handhelds” app that can be downloaded to a mobile device] 

PubMed Health
[Clinical effectiveness reviews that show which treatments and prevention methods have been proven to work] 

Citation Matcher
[A tool for finding specific citations in PubMed]