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New Acquisitions (09/08/2009)

Review a list of materials that the library acquired during August 2009.

Holiday Hours (09/08/2009)
The library will be closed Monday, September 7th, for Labor Day. Regular hours will resume on September 8th.

DynaMed on Your iPhone/iPod Touch (09/08/2009)
LSUHSC-S faculty, staff, students, and alumni have access to DynaMed, a point-of-care database that provides clinically organized summaries of almost 3000 topics.  DynaMed is now available as a native application from your iPhone and iPod touch.  To install it on to your mobile device, you will first need to obtain a DynaMed serial number from Mararia Adams, Head Systems Librarian, at 675-5448 or e-mail madams@lsuhsc.edu .  Use the serial number to register and download DynaMed on your iPhone or iPod Touch in a few easy steps.

Access to DynaMed was made possible through funding from the Louisiana Rural Health Information Exchange (LaRHIX), a network formed by the Louisiana Rural Hospital Coalition and LSUHSC-S to support Louisiana's health information technology initiatives in rural areas.

New Resources for Translational Research and Chemical Research(09/08/2009)
Nature Publishers has recently begun publishing two new journals, SciBX and Nature Chemistry.  The Library has access to these journals as part of our Nature journals package.  SciBX is a weekly publication that identifies and describes key translational research, providing both scientific and commercial perspectives.  Nature Chemistry is a monthly journal that features a broad range of chemical research.

Online Directory of the American Board of Medical Specialties (09/08/2009)
The library now offers access to the electronic version of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) directory: BoardCertifiedDocs.com. This resource meets The Joint Commission, NCQA and URAQ requirements for primary source verification of ABMS physician specialty certifications. Updated daily, the searchable database includes profiles of over 750,000 physicians in 50 specialties and more than 100 subspecialties.

Clinical Trials Results Available (09/08/2009)
In 2007, legislation (FDAAA801) was passed requiring that responsible parties report summary results for interventional studies within 1 year of completing data. In fall 2008, basic results for clinical trials began to be submitted. Now that almost a year has passed, there are a number of trials with results posted at ClinicalTrials.gov. In September 2009, submission of adverse events will also be mandated and tables for reporting them are already available. Examples of trials that have posted results at ClinicalTrials.gov are found below in items 10 and 11:

When viewing such a list at ClinicalTrials.gov, clicking on the name of the trial leads to a new Web page which includes a tab for “Study Results.”

New Acquisitions (07/20/2009)

Review a list of materials that the library acquired during July 2009.

Library Receives Three Outreach Express Grants (07/07/2009)

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region, has awarded three grants of $5,000 each to the LSUHSC-S Library. These awards will fund computers and printers at three rural hospitals where library staff will provide training on finding health information in National Library of Medicine resources. The grants are:

  • Reaching Out to Bunkie General Hospital Using Information from NLM Electronic Health Resources
  • Reaching Out to Homer Memorial Hospital Using Information from NLM Electronic Health Resources
  • Reaching Out to North Caddo Medical Center Using Information from NLM Electronic Health Resources

Need a News Fix on Your Break? (07/07/2009)
Thanks to a donor, the seating area at the back of the library's first floor now has a 52" television with closed captions. During severe weather or disasters, the TV will serve as an information source for employees, students and visitors.

New Acquisitions (07/07/2009)

Review a list of materials that the library acquired during June 2009.

Healthcare 411 (07/07/2009)

The library's podcast page now has a link to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Healthcare 411, an audio news source that provides practical health care information, research findings, and data to help consumers, health providers, health insurers, researchers, and policymakers make informed decisions about health care issues.

Library Resources in the Electronic Health Record (06/22/2009)
DynaMed         Harrison's Online       MD Consult
Invision/Net Access users can now access knowledge-based information at the point of care to assist in making clinical decisions. Links to the library resources shown here were recently incorporated into the electronic health record. Access to healthelinks was provided for patient education.
Mosby's Nursing Consult           UpToDate             healthelinks

KTBS LifeLink (06/22/2009)

KTBS 3 television station's web site has made a connection to the library's healthelinks consumer health database on its LifeLink page. To find healthelinks, scroll down the right side to the HEALTH LINKS box.

The library's consumer health web site, healthelinks, now has a section just for kids. As part of a grant-sponsored outreach program, library staff members have selected sites with health information and health-related games targeted to children and created a section for them within healthelinks. In conjunction with this project, the first in a series of story hours for children will be held at the Wallette Branch of the Shreve Memorial Library on June 24th at 10:00 a.m. featuring the fun rhymes of Tish Rabe's Oh, the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You!

Health Literacy Out Loud Podcasts Available (06/11/2009)
The Library has a new addition to its podcast list: Health Literacy Out Loud (HLOL). One of the May 2009 podcasts, HLOL #16, features LSUHSC-S professor Terry Davis, Ph.D., in an interview with Helen Osborne on patients taking "baby steps" (action planning).

Turning the Pages (06/11/2009)
Thanks to digitization, you can now view beautiful, historic books at the National Library of Medicine through its Turning the Pages project. These books from the 1400s to 1600s have been added to the LSUHSC-S Library's online catalog and to its e-books collection under History of Medicine. The newest addition is Hieronymus Brunschwig's Liber de Arte Distillandi, printed in Strasbourg in 1512, a practical manual on chemical, alchemical, and distillation devices and techniques used to manufacture drug therapies. It includes instructions on how to distill aqua vitae, potable gold, artificial and natural balsams and how to use distillates to treat illnesses in surgical cases. The technology allows you to actually "turn the page" with a click of the mouse.

AAMC's MedEdPORTAL 2.0 - Teaching Tools for Faculty (06/11/2009)
MedEdPORTAL 2.0 is a free, online peer-reviewed publication service provided by AAMC to promote educational collaboration by facilitating open exchange of peer-reviewed teaching resources such as tutorials, virtual patients, simulation cases, lab guides, videos, podcasts and assessment tools. Registration for a MedEdPORTAL user account is free, easy and quick to complete. Examples of what is available:
A Simulation-Based Curriculum For 4th Year Medical Students During An Internal Medicine Acting Internship
Cultural Sensitivity in OB/GYN: the Ultimate Patient-Centered Care

Medical Library Hosts Tobacco Ad Exhibit from Stanford (06/03/2009)
The LSUHSC-S Medical Library is hosting a traveling exhibit of tobacco advertisements from the 1920s to the 1950s. Robert K. Jackler, MD, the Sewall Professor and Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology at Stanford University, and his wife Laurie, an artist, teamed with Robert N. Proctor, PhD., a Professor in the Department of History at Stanford, to create this exhibit to demonstrate the deception used by the tobacco industry's marketing campaign.

This traveling exhibit consists of several hundred reproductions of the original ads. Some ads feature medical professionals recommending particular cigarette brands as "less irritating," others include celebrities and athletes to glamorize smoking, and some incorporate children and cartoon characters to encourage smoking at an early age. Also on display are a few original posters and interesting artifacts, such as medicinal cigarettes for asthmatics. Steve Bolten, a local antique collector, has loaned the Medical Library vintage cigarette lighters and metal signs advertising various cigarette brands to supplement the traveling exhibit.

This exhibit debuted at Stanford University in January 2007. Since then, it has been on display at such places as the University of California at San Francisco, Harvard Medical School, and the New York Public Library. An online exhibit featuring these ads is available here.

For more information, please contact Marianne Comegys at 675-5449, Dee Jones at 675-5458, or Deidra Woodson at 675-5679.

Library Director Wins Award (05/29/2009)
Marianne Comegys, M.L.S., Associate Professor and Director of the Library, received the Carla J. Funk Governmental Relations Award at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in May. Mrs. Comegys is the first recipient of this award, which recognizes a medical librarian who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the area of governmental relations at the federal, state, or local level, and who has furthered the goal of providing quality information for improved health. The award was established through a contribution from Kent Smith, who served as Deputy Director of the National Library of Medicine from 1989 to 2004.

Mrs. Comegys received this award for her work in developing new approaches to strengthen the Association's governmental relations network. She has taken a leadership role in developing information policies that affect the provision of quality health information to healthcare providers and the public. This has included not only meeting with policymakers, but also testifying three times before the Congressional Committee on Appropriations' Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies.

Medical Librarians Receive Publication Awards (05/29/2009)
At the Medical Library Association (MLA) Annual Meeting in May, several faculty members in the Department of Medical Library Science received awards for their recent publications.

Julie Esparza, M.L.S., Assistant Professor and Clinical Medical Librarian, received the Hospital Library Section's Recognition Award for Publication. Ms. Esparza won the award for her chapter "Consumer Health Services in Hospitals: The Front Line for Health Literacy" in the book The MLA Guide to Health Literacy, which was published in 2008.

The article "Decreased Hospital Length of Stay Associated with Presentation of Cases at Morning Report with Librarian Support," which appeared in the October 2007 issue of Journal of the Medical Library Association, won MLA's Ida and George Eliot Prize. This award is presented annually to the published work that is judged to have the most significant effect on the medical library profession. The article was co-authored by Daniel E. Banks, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Head, Department of Medicine; Runhua Shi, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine; Donna Timm, M.L.S., Associate Professor and Head, User Education, Medical Library; Kerri Christopher, M.L.S., Assistant Professor, Senior Reference Librarian, Medical Library; David Duggar, M.L.I.S., Associate Professor, Reference Librarian, Medical Library; Marianne Comegys, M.L.S., Associate Professor and Director of Library, Medical Library; Jerry McLarty, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine and Director of Cancer Prevention and Control for the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center.

New England Journal of Medicine -Most Popular Articles and Alerts (05/29/2009)
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) posts lists of its most viewed articles, most e-mailed articles, most cited articles, most blogged articles, and the articles most widely covered in the press, as well as the topics most often searched at the NEJM site. If you are interested in seeing which articles are most popular, click here. You may sign up for RSS feeds of these lists as they are updated.

NEJM will also e-mail you the table of contents for the new issue each week. To subscribe to the e-mail alert for table of contents, click here and then click on the box that says FREE NEJM E-TOC.

JAMA & Archives Alerts (05/29/2009)
JAMA and the Archives journals offer several types of e-mail alerts:

  • Table of Contents - notifies you that a new issue has been published online and includes direct links to articles
  • Early Release Articles - notifies you when articles are published online ahead of print
  • Topic Collection - notifies you when new articles are published on topics of interest to you
  • Article Citation - notifies you when a particular article is cited by a High-Wire hosted journal
  • Search - notifies you when articles matching a key word or author search are published
To subscribe to any of these alerts, click here.

Laptops Available for Use in the Library's Group Study Rooms (05/29/2009)
The library has laptops which may be checked out for use in group study rooms. They can be connected to the large, flatscreen monitors in those rooms for presentations. Inquire at the circulation desk.

Looking for Information on Swine Flu? (04/29/2009)
For information on this public health emergency, check out these resources:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Human Swine Influenza Investigation Page
The Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals' Swine Flu page
The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Pandemic Flu site
The World Health Organization's Swine Influenza Page

The Library also provides access to DynaMed, a database that monitors the medical literature and consolidates the information to provide clinicians with the best available evidence for diagnostic and treatment decisions. Dynamed's latest information on swine flu is available at http://hldemo.ebscohost.com/DynaMed-SwineFlu/.

If you are asked about swine flu by patients, family members, or others outside of the healthcare field, refer them to a reliable source for information that is easy to understand -- the Library's consumer health website healthelinks.

Elixirs, Potions, and Snake Oil - And the Bottles They Came In (03/19/2009)
The Medical Library is hosting a new exhibit featuring vintage medicine bottles on loan from Steve Bolten, a local antique collector. Also on display are medicines and artifacts from the Library's History of Medicine Collection.

Historic bottles presented include patent medicines, liniments, medicinal liquors, and other various elixirs and remedies. The display features vintage bottles of well-known medicines still available today, such as Phillips' Milk of Magnesia and Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic, produced in Louisiana. Other curious items include paregoric, used to calm distressed children (which contained alcohol and opium), and a prescription pad, used during Prohibition for prescribing "medicinal liquor." Also, note the interesting poison bottle designed with ridges to alert the user of its dangerous contents.

This exhibit will be on display for a limited time only, so be sure to visit the Library soon!

46" Flat Screen TVs in the Study Rooms (03/10/2009)
Thanks to the generosity of the Medical Alumni Association, the Library now has 46" flat screen monitors in the small group study rooms. The monitors can be hooked up to your PC or Mac for classes or meetings when all attendees need to view a PowerPoint presentation or website. The small group study rooms with flat screen monitors are Rooms G-429 and G-435 on the ground floor of the Library; Rooms 2-403, 2-449, and 2-445 on the second floor of the Library; and Room 2-449-A on the second floor outside of the Library (near Medical Communications). Each room will accommodate up to 20 people. To reserve a small group study room, contact Dr. David Desha's office at 675-5321.

New Grants Database (02/02/2009)
The library recently added the ScanGrants database, a listing of grants and other funding sources for health research, programs, and scholarship. ScanGrants focuses primarily on the funding that is available from private foundations, corporations, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations, with a special emphasis on less traditional funding opportunities. It is maintained by Samaritan Health Services, an Oregon healthcare network.

Images of Our Past (01/27/2009)
The LSUHSC-S Archives documents the history of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport, as well as the history of medicine in Shreveport and Louisiana. Holdings include photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and other primary source materials. Our website will feature items from the archives that highlight important events of the health sciences center's history.

In the first installment of Images of our Past, members of the first class to enter the medical school in 1969 were introduced. This month, memorabilia from their graduation in 1973 is featured. Click here to learn more about this historic event.

Change in journal access (01/14/2009)
Easier access for all of our journals is now available! Instead of looking for journals in two separate lists as you did before, now all you have to do is check one list, the E-journals list.

If you are looking for a journal that is not in the list, or if the year that you need is not included, you are linked to the journals search screen in our online catalog to determine if we have it in print.

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