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Q: Where am I allowed to park?
A: Unfortunately, there is no special parking available for using the Library. There are public parking lots located on Kings Highway across the street from the institution, and the parking fees vary. Faculty, staff, and students with valid parking access may be able to utilize some of the closer employee parking lots on evenings and weekends. Click here to view maps.

Q: I came to the Library on Saturday to do some research and couldn't get in the door to the Health Sciences Center. Why not?
A: Visitors who are not directly affiliated with LSUHSC - S are welcome to come to the library and use its resources. However, procedures for access to the library during the evenings and weekends have recently changed. Access on weekends or on weekdays after 6:00 p.m. will be available only through the covered walkway entrance to the medical school C-building. Night and weekend visitors will need to obtain a library access card in order to use this entrance. For details on how to apply for a library access card, and a map showing how to reach the library, click here.

Q: Do you have any study rooms?
A: There are five locking Study rooms, which may be checked out using your ID badge. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis each day. In addition, there are several non-locking small group and study rooms on both the ground and 2nd floors. These rooms are available unless reserved. Reservations must be made through Dr. DeSha’s office at ext. 5-5321.

Q: May I leave my stuff behind the Circulation desk while I go to the cafeteria (or anywhere else)?
A: No. Library staff is not responsible for any items left in the library. The Library urges patrons not to leave valuables unattended in any area. Items found unattended in the library may be placed in the Lost and Found at the Circulation Desk or taken to the Campus Police office.

Q: I left my sunglasses (or car keys, laptop, computer disk, jacket, etc.) in the Library yesterday. Did anyone find them?
A: The Circulation desk has a designated space for holding lost and found items for a limited time. Circulation staff will be happy to check these areas for you whenever an item is missing. Valuables such as wallets or credit cards are turned into the University Police.

Q: Where is the book drop for the Health Sciences Library?
A: There is a wall-mounted book drop leading directly into Circulation from the corridor outside the Library.

Q: I'm trying to reach someone who might be in the Library at this time. Could you page them for me?
A: Yes, the Library's overhead paging system is operated by staff at the Circulation desk.

Q: Do you have a public bulletin board where I can post this notice?
A: If the notice has to do with an event related to the LSU Health Sciences Center, you may leave it at the Circulation desk, and it will be considered for posting on the bulletin board adjacent to the Library's main entrance. There is also a wall-mounted display case for departmental brochures.

Q: May I drink this soda (or eat my lunch) in the Library?
A: Yes. The Health Sciences Library does permit food and drinks in the Library. We do request that patrons remove/dispose of all food and drink related items before leaving.

Q: Is there a phone here that I can use?
A: Yes, there is a phone on each floor of the library for answering pages. The phones on the ground and second floors are for in-house calls only. In addition cell phone use is permitted in the library.

Q: Where are the restrooms?
A: Restrooms are located on the ground and second floors of the Library to the left as you exit the elevator.

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Q: Do I need a special card to borrow materials from the Health Sciences Library?
A: All faculty, students, and staff who are affiliated with the Health Sciences Center are qualified to borrow from the Library. Once a patron application has been completed, the LSUHSC ID badge is used to check out materials.

Q: May I authorize someone to check out material for me?
A: No. The Health Sciences Library will not check out items to anyone other than the patron present.

Q: What do I need to check items out?
A: To be entered into our patron database, we require that you have a valid LSUHSC Faculty, Staff, or Medical/Graduate Student ID badge and complete a patron registration form. Once registered, you will be able to check items out using the barcode on the back of your ID badge (or a current photo ID, such as a driver's license).

Q: Can this material be checked out? How long can I keep it?
A: Books and audiovisuals from the general collection may be checked out for two weeks at a time. They may be renewed unless holds have been placed on them or they have been recalled.

Reserve books may be checked out for use in the Library. If you need a Reserve item overnight, the majority of Reserve items may be checked out after 10:00 p.m., and will be due at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Journals are for in-house use. The only exception is when they are checked out to Medical Communications, with appropriate request forms, for the purpose of making slides.

Reference books do not circulate unless special permission is granted by a member of the Reference staff.

Q: Will I be notified when my books are overdue?
Yes. When you check items out, you will receive a printout listing the item due date(s). If an item isn't returned by the date due, you'll receive an overdue notice. If the item is not returned or renewed within a reasonable period of time after the overdue notice is sent, you will also receive a notice saying that you have been billed for the replacement cost of the item. If you're not sure when your books are due, please call the Circulation desk at 675-5445 or check the Online Catalog to verify the due date.

Q: What are my options when I'm billed for the replacement of a book?
A: If you have been billed for replacement, you must either return the item or pay the invoiced amount.

Q: The book I need is checked out. It might be checked out to someone in my department…can you tell me who has it?
A: No. The Library maintains a strict policy of confidentiality of patron records and does not give names of patrons or any other information from a patron record to anyone. Circulation staff may offer to try to contact the patron who has the item, asking that it be returned as soon as possible, and we will place a hold on the item for the requesting patron. If the item is urgently needed for patient care, a supervisor will try to arrange to have the item returned immediately.

Q: I need a slide projector (or other audiovisual equipment) for a presentation next week. May I reserve one here?
A: No. Reservations for audiovisual equipment may be made through Electronic Services at 675-5272.

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Q: Is there a computer lab in the Library?
A: Yes. The Library offers two computer labs on the first floor. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet access is available at each workstation. LSUHSC affiliates can check their e-mail using the Web Version of Outlook which is listed as a favorite on the workstations in the computer labs.

Printing is available for all workstations in the both computer labs. The lab printer accepts the same debit cards as the library copiers. Each page is five cents. The lab printer does not accept departmental photocopier codes.

The lab is open during normal Library hours, except when closed for regularly scheduled classes.

Q: How can I make photocopies?
A: Auxiliary Services oversees the photocopiers in the Health Sciences Library. There are three photocopiers on the first floor in the copy room, directly across from the Circulation desk. There are also photocopiers located along the south wall on the ground and second floors.

The copiers can be operated using either a departmental code or debit card. Departmental codes are issued by the department or Auxiliary Services. Debit cards are available from a vending machine in the first-floor copy room in the Library. The vending machine does not accept coins nor provide change.

Any questions regarding copy cards or photocopy machines should be directed to Auxiliary Services, Allied Health Building, 2nd floor, Room 228, ext. 5-7650.

Q: I need an article from a journal (or a book) that we don't have here. How do I get it?
A: If you are affiliated with the LSU Health Sciences Center (faculty, staff, or student), you are eligible to request materials not owned by the Library through the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) ordering system.

To request items, you must use the ILLiad online system, available from the Library’s home page. Items requested through ILL are usually received in about 4 days but may take 2 weeks or longer. If you need an item for a patient care emergency, please notify the Interlibrary Loan Librarian at ext. 5-5452.

Note: Please check the Online Catalog to verify that the Library does not own an item before requesting it through ILL.

Q: May I search other library collections?
A: Yes. In addition to the LSU Health Sciences Library in Shreveport, you may search the Online Catalog for items in the LSUHSC Library in New Orleans, the Dental School Library in New Orleans, the Pennington Library in Baton Rouge, and the E. A. Conway Library in Monroe.

Q: I will be visiting another library in Louisiana, may I check out items there?
A: If the library is a LALINC participant, you may be able to check out items there.

Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium (LALINC) is a partnership of libraries cooperating to promote resource sharing among Louisiana libraries. Participating libraries offer various services. Not all Louisiana libraries participate, and not all participating libraries offer checkout privileges. A list of participating libraries and services extended is available from the Circulation staff.

To participate in LALINC, you must register at your home library. Presently, LSUHSC extends LALINC privileges only to faculty and graduate students who are in good standing with the Library. A LALINC courtesy card is issued to identify the patron as an eligible borrower. You must present the LALINC card and a valid photo ID to receive privileges at other libraries. The LALINC patron is responsible for any materials checked out under his/her name at the lending institution.

Contact the Circulation staff at 675-5445 for further information about this service.

Q: The Online Catalog says you have an item I need, but I can't find it. What is my next step?
A: Ask at the Circulation desk, and a staff member will assist you. If the item cannot be found, it will be placed on "missing" status, awaiting extensive searching. You will be notified whether or not we find the item in the subsequent search.

Q: How do I get Reference help during evening or weekend hours?
A: Evening and weekend Circulation staff are trained to assist with basic questions. For more in-depth assistance, patrons may send an e-mail to shlibref@lsuhsc.edu, and a member of the Reference staff will contact the patron as soon as possible the next business day.

Q: How can I put items on Reserve in the Library?
A: Bring the item and the completed Reserve Submission Form to the Circulation Desk.

Q: There's a class being offered next week in the computer lab on searching MEDLINE. How can I sign up?
A: Patrons should register by contacting the class instructor, listed on the Library Classes page, or through the Head of User Education, Donna Timm (675-5474). We welcome requests for classes specific to your needs.

Q: How can I ask the Library to purchase a particular book or to subscribe to a certain journal?
A: You may submit requests through the online suggestions form. Please make sure to include the title requested, as well as a brief note as to the need (i.e. MSI course (Anatomy) resource, updated edition, frequently used reference resource, etc). A patron suggestion log is also available at the Circulation desk. When you enter a request in the log, it will be forwarded to the appropriate person for review. A response will be entered in the log to notify you of our decision.

Having Slides Made

Q: How can I have some slides made from a book/journal owned by the Library?
A: To have slides made from a book or journal that is part of the Library's collection, patrons must first contact Medical Communications and complete a request form. Circulation staff will then check out the items to Medical Communications. For assistance, contact Medical Communications at 675-5260.

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